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Founded in 1869. Purdue University is a Public higher education university located in west lafayette, indiana, united states, north america. The university awards degree in arts & humanities, business & social sciences, language & culture, medicine & health, engineering, science & technology. Internationally Purdue University university ranked 34 in the world. It has ranked 25 in united states. This 150 years old higher education university admission process is based on entrance examinations and students past academic record and grades. It provides admission to Men and Women (coed) and Yes, international applicants are welcome to apply for admission.

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Acronym : PU

Founded : 1869

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Cooperative Extension, public outreach unite to increase funding for agricultural research and education  Purdue News Service

Research and education drive the U.S. economy and its agricultural sector. The ability to turn discoveries and innovations into practical applications has been ...

Mon, 22 Jul 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Purdue scientists show how soybeans may get more nitrogen from atmosphere  Purdue News Service

Plant breeders could theoretically increase soybean crop yields if they could control the number of nodules on plant roots since they are responsible for fixing ...

Thu, 25 Jul 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Exploration Acres announces maze celebrating Purdue University's 150th anniversary  Purdue News Service

Exploration Acres, Northwest Indiana's largest corn maze and pumpkin patch, has created an 18-acre corn maze commemorating Purdue University's “150 ...

Wed, 31 Jul 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Rainey appointed new director of Purdue Soybean Center  Purdue News Service

Karen Plaut, the Glenn W. Sample Dean of the College of Agriculture, has appointed Katy Martin Rainey as the new director of the Purdue University Soybean ...

Mon, 22 Jul 2019 07:00:00 GMT
NDIA, Purdue launching inaugural hypersonics capabilities conference to advance transformational military capabilities  Purdue News Service

The inaugural National Defense Industrial Association Hypersonics Capabilities Conference, co-hosted with Purdue University, is bringing a consortium of ...

Mon, 29 Jul 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Purdue Extension provides resources for potential hemp producers  Purdue News Service

Purdue Crop Diagnostic Training and Research Center (DTC) and the Midwest Hemp Council co-hosted a sold-out hemp field day recently. A total of 200 ...

Wed, 24 Jul 2019 07:00:00 GMT
The sad truth about happiness scales  Purdue News Service

You might feel sad after looking closer at studies about happiness. That's because an emotion that's easy to experience is immensely difficult to measure, says ...

Thu, 15 Aug 2019 17:02:18 GMT
Purdue leading effort to digitize North American parasite collections  Purdue News Service

Parasites play significant roles in human health, wildlife conservation and livestock productivity. But getting an accurate picture of their distributions and ...

Tue, 13 Aug 2019 16:13:57 GMT
Cislunar blueprint to propel space outreach for the next 50 years  Purdue News Service

In its inaugural call to action, Purdue Engineering's Cislunar Initiative took a giant leap forward in advancing humankind's presence in space and the ...

Thu, 01 Aug 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Video features archaeologist's field work in the Nile River Valley  Purdue News Service

When it comes to archaeology, people often think of Egypt and its grand pyramids, royalty and dynasties. So what else is there to learn about ancient ...

Mon, 12 Aug 2019 15:12:02 GMT
New research aims to optimize farmland use for crops, solar electricity production  Purdue News Service

Purdue University professors are questioning what else fertile farmland can be used for with a new multidisciplinary project researching how to improve future ...

Thu, 08 Aug 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Purdue Extension exhibitions at Indiana State Fair feature info on microorganisms, community development  Purdue News Service

Purdue Extension continues the tradition of sharing educational interactive exhibitions for all ages at the Indiana State Fair, Aug. 2-18.

Wed, 31 Jul 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Device could automatically deliver drug to reverse opioid overdose  Purdue News Service

Opioid users tend to be alone and incapacitated during an overdose. Purdue University researchers are developing a device that would automatically detect an ...

Wed, 24 Jul 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Cold, dry planets could have a lot of hurricanes  Purdue News Service

Nearly every atmospheric science textbook ever written will say that hurricanes are an inherently wet phenomenon – they use warm, moist air for fuel.

Wed, 24 Jul 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Is that avocado brown already? Genetic research could help.  Purdue News Service

Avocados are famous for having a frustratingly short period of consumption. They're hard as rocks for a while and as soon as you try to eat one, they've turned to ...

Mon, 05 Aug 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Crop report panel says, 'We're in uncharted territories' in terms of yield and revenue projections for Indiana's cash crops  Purdue News Service

'This was not a normal year,' said Greg Matli, Indiana state statistician for the United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA) National Agricultural Statistics ...

Mon, 12 Aug 2019 07:00:00 GMT
This designer clothing lets users turn on electronics while turning away bacteria  Purdue News Service

A new addition to your wardrobe may soon help you turn on the lights and music – while also keeping you *fresh*, dry, fashionable, clean and safe from the latest ...

Thu, 08 Aug 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Purdue utilizes high-tech AI to improve coal-burning power plants  Purdue News Service

Purdue's mechanical engineering faculty and students are using artificial intelligence to help coal-dependent areas make the eventual transition to renewable ...

Mon, 22 Jul 2019 07:00:00 GMT
AI artist to be featured in Purdue's Ringel Gallery  Purdue News Service

Purdue University Galleries will be exhibiting work by artist Anna Ridler in the Robert L. Ringel Gallery in Stewart Center. This exhibition, titled “Dreaming, ...

Mon, 29 Jul 2019 07:00:00 GMT
'What IF We Could Immerse Ourselves in Future Tech?'  Purdue News Service

How can we create digital, healthy and sustainable communities of tomorrow?

Mon, 05 Aug 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Purdue commencement celebrates most recent graduates  Purdue News Service

More than 1400 students became alumni during summer commencement Saturday (Aug. 3) at Purdue University.

Sat, 03 Aug 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Infrared chemical imaging technology promises new precision cancer diagnosis  Purdue News Service

More than 174000 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year, according to the American Cancer Society, putting it behind only skin cancer as the ...

Fri, 19 Jul 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Program helping low-income students approach a new school year knowing they can avoid debt  Purdue News Service

For students facing adversity and socioeconomic challenges, the excitement of a new school year can be overshadowed by financial burdens and difficult home ...

Tue, 30 Jul 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Doing more with less: Flexible, reduced-load jobs a win-win for workers, employers, expert says  Purdue News Service

Attracting and retaining the best and brightest employees with an unemployment rate that is hovering near a 50-year low is a challenge for companies.

Thu, 01 Aug 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Transforming biology to design next-generation computers, using a surprise ingredient  Purdue News Service

Moore's law – which says the number of components that could be etched onto the surface of a silicon wafer would double every two years – has been the ...

Thu, 25 Jul 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Purdue professor appointed to the Council of Economic Advisers in Washington, D.C.  Purdue News Service

Joseph Balagtas, associate professor of agricultural economics at Purdue University, has been selected to serve as a senior economist, with a focus on ...

Tue, 23 Jul 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Purdue to activate the all-hazards outdoor sirens, conduct evacuation drills during BGR  Purdue News Service

Purdue University will conduct evacuation drills and test its all-hazards outdoor emergency warning sirens this week during Boiler Gold Rush, the orientation ...

Tue, 13 Aug 2019 13:01:56 GMT
Confidence in the ag economy soars; producers confirm large prevented plantings of corn and soybeans  Purdue News Service

Confidence in the ag economy soars; producers confirm large prevented plantings of corn and soybeans. (Purdue/CME Group Ag Economy Barometer/James ...

Tue, 06 Aug 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Purdue leading $10 million effort to address global food safety  Purdue News Service

Purdue University is now home to a lab aimed at increasing awareness and developing environments for food safety around the world. The United States ...

Tue, 13 Aug 2019 20:26:46 GMT
New technology for protein complex discovery holds promise for biotechnology and crop improvement  Purdue News Service

Living cells survive and adapt by forming stable protein complexes that allow them to modulate protein activity, do mechanical work and convert signals into ...

Thu, 01 Aug 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Joining the jet set: Jet ignition technology could boost efficiency and lower emissions of combustion engines  Purdue News Service

The same technology used in jets soon may be powering personal cars and other automobiles.

Tue, 06 Aug 2019 07:00:00 GMT
New software brings lower-resolution cryo-EM maps into focus  Purdue News Service

Cryo-electron microscopy is now the most popular method for determining protein structures, which helps researchers develop drugs for different kinds of ...

Sat, 27 Jul 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Purdue to activate outdoor sirens, conduct drills during BGR  Purdue Exponent

Purdue University will conduct evacuation drills and test its all-hazards outdoor emergency warning sirens this week during Boiler Gold Rush, the orientation ...

Tue, 13 Aug 2019 14:03:00 GMT
Partnership with VetBloom Provides Access to Veterinary Nursing Distance Learning Program  Purdue Veterinary News

The Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine has entered into a partnership with Ethos Veterinary Health and VetBloom, an innovative veterinary ...

Fri, 09 Aug 2019 16:19:12 GMT
Trustees approve new learning management system contract  Purdue News Service

Purdue's Board of Trustees approved on Friday (Aug. 2) an agreement with Desire2Learn (D2L) for its product, Brightspace, to become the university's next ...

Fri, 02 Aug 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Quantum entanglement in chemical reactions? Now there's a way to find out  Purdue News Service

Scientists have long suspected that a quantum phenomenon might play a role in photosynthesis and other chemical reactions of nature, but don't know for sure ...

Fri, 02 Aug 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Blue-green Algae Poisoning in Dogs and Livestock  Purdue Veterinary News

The vast majority of algae growing in lakes and ponds represents a normal part of a healthy ecosystem and are harmless to animals. This summer, there have ...

Fri, 16 Aug 2019 15:04:51 GMT
NDIA, Purdue to host inaugural hypersonics capabilities conference  Purdue News Service

The inaugural NDIA Hypersonics Capabilities Conference, co-hosted by the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) and Purdue University, is bringing a ...

Fri, 26 Jul 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Purdue trustees approve named faculty, honor friends of the university  Purdue News Service

The Purdue University Board of Trustees on Friday (Aug. 2) ratified six named faculty positions, approved the naming of a study abroad program and two ...

Fri, 02 Aug 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Purdue College of Liberal Arts asks students to 'leave your footprint' at 150th event  Purdue News Service

The Purdue College of Liberal Arts has scheduled a series of events from Monday to Friday (Aug. 19-23) to celebrate Purdue's sesquicentennial, “150 Years of ...

Thu, 15 Aug 2019 18:14:48 GMT
Purdue Extension launches new emergency preparedness resource for rural communities  Purdue News Service

Purdue Extension has launched the Purdue Rural Emergency Preparedness program (IN-PREP), a statewide program devoted to preparing rural communities ...

Tue, 13 Aug 2019 17:56:55 GMT
'What IF Nuclear Innovation Could Save the World?'  Purdue News Service

What role can nuclear power play in getting humans to Mars or eliminating climate change? Not to mention its increasing role in medicine and safety and ...

Thu, 01 Aug 2019 07:00:00 GMT
DOE Career Award to help scientists use giraffe dung to make biofuels  Purdue News Service

People use enzymes to create fuels from plants, fungi to produce antimalarial drugs, and E. coli bacteria to generate life-saving insulin. These systems are ...

Sun, 05 Aug 2018 07:00:00 GMT
More than 7000 incoming students expected to participate Boiler Gold Rush  Purdue News Service

Purdue's West Lafayette students attending Boiler Gold Rush will move into their on-campus housing on Monday and Tuesday (Aug. 12-13), and the BGR ...

Tue, 06 Aug 2019 16:53:54 GMT
Discovery provides path to pathogen-targeted antibiotics  Purdue News Service

'Take with food' is a common warning for people using antibiotics, but a discovery announced this week in the scientific journal Nature may create a path to more ...

Thu, 15 Aug 2019 17:02:18 GMT
Purdue receives funding to investigate how electronic excitations interfere  Purdue News Service

On the frontier of quantum computing, scientists are exploring how electronic excitations – collective behavior of many electrons acting in concert– behave ...

Wed, 07 Aug 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Invasive pests kill so many trees each year, it's equal to 5 million car emissions  Purdue News Service

Invasive insects and pathogens have wreaked havoc on ash, elm, chestnut trees and others, wiping some of them almost completely from American forests.

Tue, 13 Aug 2019 17:56:55 GMT
Purdue to update identification cards  Purdue News Service

Purdue will soon roll out new identification cards for faculty, staff and students, featuring added technology and a new design. The student version of the IDs also ...

Tue, 23 Jul 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Electronic merge: Expanded ion beams light new way for next-generation electronic devices, energy storage, smart homes  Purdue News Service

A new type of lens is lighting the way for expanded uses of large ions and building blocks for new materials. The lens may also address one of the fundamental ...

Thu, 15 Aug 2019 14:59:35 GMT
Technology and sports collide in MLB's home run controversy  Purdue News Service

The 2019 Major League Baseball season has been dubbed the 'Year of the Home Run' as batters have been hitting homers at a record pace. Many pitchers ...

Tue, 13 Aug 2019 20:26:46 GMT
Researchers propose new topological phase of atomic matter hosting 'photonic skyrmions'  Purdue News Service

The field of topology or the study of how surfaces behave in different dimensions has profoundly influenced the current understanding of matter. The prime ...

Wed, 14 Aug 2019 16:30:28 GMT
'Cholera detection lab' smartphone-enabled platform to be beta tested by worldwide leading hospital in cholera research  Purdue News Service

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – One of the world's leading cholera research hospitals has teamed with a Purdue University-affiliated startup with a goal to stop the ...

Wed, 24 Jul 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Purdue to announce major international food safety grant  Purdue News Service

Announcement of a multimillion-dollar grant to fund a Purdue food innovation lab aimed at increasing awareness and developing environments for food safety ...

Mon, 12 Aug 2019 13:09:37 GMT
Preparation key to ready children with disabilities for school year  Purdue News Service

August is here and Dawn Baxter already has been preparing her children for the transition from summer freedom to a school-year learning attitude.

Tue, 06 Aug 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Focused teacher attention on student learning issues can help start the school year off right  Purdue News Service

If a son or daughter is heading back to school, now is the time for some positive reinforcement. Especially if he or she ended the last school year struggling in a ...

Tue, 13 Aug 2019 14:29:14 GMT
Purdue panel responds to USDA's August crop report and current agricultural economic climate  Purdue News Service

Rain delayed planting followed by extreme heat and, of course, the ongoing issues surrounding Chinese tariffs will all be discussed at this year's response to the ...

Tue, 06 Aug 2019 07:00:00 GMT
The power of 4D technology advances care for heart patients  Purdue News Service

A tool that has been around for decades shows new promise in helping people with heart disease. A new study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine ...

Wed, 14 Aug 2019 14:26:37 GMT
Sen. Mike Braun to visit the Davis Purdue Agricultural Center  Purdue News Service

U.S. Sen. Mike Braun of Indiana will visit Purdue University's Davis Agricultural Center on Wednesday (Aug. 7). He will be available to speak with media at the ...

Mon, 05 Aug 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Don't bring the heat: New visualization technique offers alternative to heat maps to track spatial data sets  Purdue News Service

Simple, concise approach designed to make data easier to understand, compare. WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Heat maps or points on a map can be simple and ...

Tue, 23 Jul 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Purdue Extension to host Crops Field Day on Sept. 5  Purdue Agricultural Communications

Farmers have spent much of 2019 dealing with the challenges that come with an unprecedented wet spring, navigating fluctuating markets, learning about new ...

Mon, 05 Aug 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Purdue's August commencement set to celebrate graduates  Purdue News Service

More than 1400 students will become alumni during an August commencement ceremony at Purdue University.

Tue, 23 Jul 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Purdue entomologist: 'Ask yourself if it really looks like a kissing bug'  Purdue News Service

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently issued a warning regarding the Triatoma sanguisuga insect, more commonly known as the kissing bug.

Mon, 29 Jul 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Study Abroad Program Brings International Veterinary Students to Purdue  Purdue Veterinary News

Students from China and Japan Visit PVM as Part of Exchange Program. Veterinary medicine students from Sichuan Agricultural University in China and ...

Fri, 09 Aug 2019 16:19:12 GMT
Famous Clydesdale Visits the Purdue University Veterinary Teaching Hospital  Purdue Veterinary News

The Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine had the honor of receiving a regal visitor known for his role as one of the famous Budweiser Clydesdales ...

Fri, 09 Aug 2019 07:00:00 GMT
School is ready to start. Here are five tips to have a great school year.  Purdue News Service

The back-to-school “to do” list can get rather lengthy for parents and children as the start of the school year fast approaches.

Tue, 30 Jul 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Technology soars in advancing critical communication, safety for pilots, passengers  Purdue News Service

The Federal Aviation Administration has been putting an increased focus on English language proficiency for pilots as the agency looks to ensure safety for ...

Wed, 07 Aug 2019 07:00:00 GMT
I Tried the Most Popular Dog DNA Tests to Find the Best One  Purdue Veterinary News

Dr. Kari Ekenstedt was in this month's issue of Good Housekeeping talking about DNA tests for dogs! When the samples arrive at the lab, technicians manually ...

Mon, 12 Aug 2019 13:42:23 GMT
Purdue announces record-breaking invention disclosures, startups, other strong commercialization activities for FY19  Purdue News Service

With 360 invention disclosures, Purdue University researchers experienced a record-breaking year in the number of innovations filed through the Purdue ...

Wed, 10 Jul 2019 07:00:00 GMT
What students should know about ITaP | Campus  Purdue Exponent

What is BoilerKey? How do I connect my ChromeCast to campus Wi-Fi? Why can't I log into Netflix during my calculus lecture?

Mon, 12 Aug 2019 12:00:00 GMT
Trump social media summit shows power of social networks  Purdue News Service

President Donald Trump recently hosted a social media summit at the White House featuring a who's-who of conservative influencers. The meeting comes as ...

Tue, 23 Jul 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Ever True campaign raises $2.529 billion, exceeds $2.019 billion goal  Purdue News Service

Ever True: The Campaign for Purdue University is officially the largest fundraising initiative in the university's history.

Tue, 09 Jul 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Hemp field day to help producers learn best practices  Purdue News Service

Purdue Crop Diagnostic Training and Research Center (DTC) and the Midwest Hemp Council are co-hosting a hemp field day on Friday (July 19) at Meigs ...

Mon, 15 Jul 2019 07:00:00 GMT
First all-digital nuclear reactor system in the U.S. installed at Purdue University  Purdue News Service

Nuclear power plants generate 20% of the nation's electricity and are the largest clean energy source in the U.S. But to further offset climate change, the nuclear ...

Mon, 08 Jul 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Daniels to Purdue grads: The antonym of snowflake is Boilermaker  Purdue News Service

Purdue University President Mitch Daniels made these remarks during the May 2019 spring commencement ceremonies on the West Lafayette, Indiana, ...

Fri, 10 May 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Creator of College's Wellness Program Honored at Farewell Reception  Purdue Veterinary News

After more than six years with the Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine, during which she created a counseling and wellness program, Dr. Luana ...

Fri, 09 Aug 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Hub on Campus delays move-ins | City & State  Purdue Exponent

As new apartment buildings have scrambled to finish in time for students to move in, the newest of the high-rises, the Hub on Campus, has notified its tenants ...

Sat, 17 Aug 2019 23:17:00 GMT
RAND president emeritus tells Purdue grads a secret to his success was in the writing  Purdue News Service

Purdue alumnus James Thomson, president emeritus of the RAND Corp., a nonprofit, nonpartisan institution that helps improve policy and decisions through ...

Sat, 03 Aug 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Indiana Daybook

Associated Press Indiana Daybook for Sunday, Aug. 11. The daybook is for planning purposes only and is not intended for publication or broadcast. You.

Sun, 11 Aug 2019 08:38:32 GMT
Updates for Purdue's Apollo 11 celebration, including information about Saturday's heat  Purdue News Service

Saturday's (July 20) forecast heat will move the 3:30 p.m. lunar landing multimedia celebration indoors at Neil Armstrong Hall. After the countdown, the event will ...

Wed, 17 Jul 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Specialist hired to assist farmers with industrial hemp production  Purdue News Service

Marguerite Bolt, who recently received her master's degree in entomology from Purdue University and also has a background in horticulture and beekeeping, ...

Mon, 03 Jun 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Purdue weed science field day could help cut costs, boost yields  Purdue News Service

Facing increasingly uncertain market conditions, producers looking to refine weed control and protect crop yield are encouraged to attend the Purdue Weed ...

Mon, 20 May 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Trustees OK first steps toward Ross-Ade Stadium improvements, approve other campus projects  Purdue News Service

Purdue Trustees on Friday (Aug. 2) gave approval to plan for a renovation to Ross-Ade Stadium. They also approved the planning, financing, constructing and ...

Fri, 02 Aug 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Hydroponic production technology to be featured at workshop  Purdue News Service

Hydroponic agriculture is growing nationally at a rate of 3% to 4% per year. Current producers or those considering the use of hydroponics technology can get ...

Wed, 17 Jul 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Purdue prepares for new Veterinary Teaching Hospital  Purdue News Service

Plans are moving forward for the construction of a new Veterinary Teaching Hospital at Purdue University, replacing a majority of the current hospital with larger, ...

Tue, 30 Apr 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Purdue breaks its record with faculty Fulbright Scholars  Purdue News Service

Eight Purdue University faculty members this year won Fulbright U.S. Scholar Awards, more in a single year than ever before.

Fri, 03 May 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Renowned Purdue University scientist Michael Rossmann dies  Purdue News Service

Michael G. Rossmann, a renowned scientist who gained worldwide attention in 1985 for discovering the structure of the common cold virus using X-ray ...

Tue, 14 May 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Purdue center to focus on development of Earth-moon economy  Purdue News Service

To create a sustainable presence beyond Earth, humans need to further expand into the region encompassing Earth and the moon, called 'cislunar space.

Thu, 18 Jul 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Out with the old, in with the new  Purdue News Service

California vineyard owners are carefully watching grapes mature on the vine this summer, just one in a list of responsibilities that determines their chances at a ...

Mon, 08 Jul 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Collateral materials now available for Saab, Purdue, Indiana event at Purdue Airport  Purdue News Service

Collateral materials are now available for Wednesday's, (May 8) event in West Lafayette, Indiana announcing that Saab global defense and security company ...

Wed, 08 May 2019 07:00:00 GMT
AI research offers more eyes and ears to search and rescue missions  Purdue News Service

Rescue teams descended on the destruction left by Hurricane Michael in October, frantically searching for survivors. But a week later, more than 1000 people ...

Wed, 01 May 2019 07:00:00 GMT
New quantum material could warn of neurological disease  Purdue News Service

What if the brain could detect its own disease? Researchers have been trying to create a material that “thinks” like the brain does, which would be more sensitive ...

Wed, 10 Apr 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Model, military veterans among the 2019's Able Flight students  Purdue News Service

The Able Flight program students who come to Purdue University don't let their disabilities stop them from pursuing life, and this year's class is a perfect ...

Mon, 20 May 2019 07:00:00 GMT

Dozens of athletes who have lost a limb or more attended a clinic to help improve their skills and confidence. *Content* Exchange ...

Sun, 18 Aug 2019 06:28:00 GMT
Improved Reflex app from brightlamp unlocks 'the diagnostic power of the pupil,' provides diagnostic data for concussions in seconds  Purdue News Service

Capturing objective data in about five seconds that can aid concussion diagnoses through an iPhone, the Reflex PLR Analyzer, an industry-disruptive diagnostic ...

Thu, 08 Aug 2019 07:00:00 GMT
Purdue rejects metal detectors at stadium entrances amid moves by other schools  Purdue Exponent

Purdue says it does not have plans to implement metal detectors at athletic venues for the 2019-20 season, unlike other local universities such as Notre Dame ...

Tue, 13 Aug 2019 12:00:00 GMT
OITNB actress opens up on parents' deportation | National  Purdue Exponent

'Orange is the New Black' actress Diane Guerrero recounts her parents being deported to Colombia when she was a child, and compares it to recent ...

Sun, 18 Aug 2019 02:04:53 GMT
Video boards installed in Holloway Gymnasium | Campus  Purdue Exponent

Two Daktronics LED video boards have been installed at Holloway Gymnasium this summer: one on both the north and south walls of the facility. Both are 26 ...

Thu, 15 Aug 2019 13:24:00 GMT
8 fraternity brothers from Purdue cycle almost 13K miles for people with disabilities  Purdue Exponent

Editor's note: Members of Greek life are encouraged to submit and share more about their philanthropic work with The Exponent. Pi Kappa Phi fraternity brothers ...

Fri, 16 Aug 2019 15:04:00 GMT
Fewer students in temporary housing this year | Campus  Purdue Exponent

Over 120 students were placed in Purdue temporary housing last year, compared to fewer than 60 students expected to be living in auxiliary spaces this year, ...

Tue, 13 Aug 2019 13:24:00 GMT
Outage knocks out power for more than 8K in West Lafayette  Purdue Exponent

A power outage early Sunday morning knocked out electricity for a portion of the Greater Lafayette area.

Mon, 12 Aug 2019 14:04:00 GMT

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  • Other Medical & Health Studies



This university may be offering any one or all degrees such as PreBachelor, Bachelor, Master or Doctoral degree in at least one of the following subjects:
  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Architectural Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Computer and IT Engineering
  • Electronic and Electrical Engineering
  • General Engineering
  • Geological Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Mechanical / Manufacturing Engineering
  • Mining and Metallurgical Engineering
  • Other Engineering Studies


Science & Technology

This university may be offering any one or all degrees such as PreBachelor, Bachelor, Master or Doctoral degree in at least one of the following subjects:
  • Agriculture / Forestry / Botany
  • Aquaculture / Marine Science
  • Architecture
  • Aviation
  • Biology / Biochemistry / Microbiology
  • Chemistry
  • Computer / Information Technology
  • Energy / Environmental Studies
  • Food Science
  • Geology
  • Mathematics / Statistics
  • Multimedia
  • Neuroscience
  • Pharmacy / Pharmacology
  • Physics
  • Textiles and Fibre Science
  • Zoology / Veterinary Science
  • Other Science & Technology Studies

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