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Universities In Punjab

There are total 58(approx) officially recognized/accredited universities or other higher educational institutions in Punjab
Below is the count of universities offering a different course in Punjab

Area Of StudyUniversity Count
Total Universities In Punjab58
Arts & Humanities26
Business & Social Sciences31
Language & Cultural14
Medicine & Health16
Universities Offering All Courses8
1University of the PunjabLahore ...
2Lahore University of Management SciencesLahore
3University of Management and TechnologyLahore ...
4The University of LahoreLahore ...
5University of Engineering and Technology, LahoreLahore ...
6University of Agriculture, FaisalabadFaisalabad ...
7Bahauddin Zakariya UniversityMultan ...
8University of Central PunjabLahore ...
9University of SargodhaSargodha ...
10The Islamia University of BahawalpurBahawalpur ...
11The Superior CollegeLahore ...
12Government College University, LahoreLahore
13Government College University, FaisalabadFaisalabad ...
14Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture UniversityRawalpindi
15Forman Christian CollegeLahore
16Information Technology UniversityLahore
17University of Engineering and Technology, TaxilaTaxila ...
18University of GujratGujrat ...
19University of Veterinary and Animal SciencesLahore ...
20Hajvery UniversityLahore ...
21University of Health Sciences, LahoreLahore
22Institute of Southern PunjabMultan
23Khwaja Fareed University of Engineering and Information TechnologyRahim Yar Khan
24National Textile UniversityFaisalabad
25University of EducationLahore ...
26Fatima Jinnah Women UniversityRawalpindi ...
27National College of ArtsLahore ...
28Minhaj UniversityLahore
29King Edward Medical UniversityLahore
30Lahore School of EconomicsLahore
31GIFT UniversityGujranwala
32University of South AsiaLahore
33Lahore College for Women UniversityLahore ...
34National University of Medical SciencesRawalpindi ...
35Government College Women University, FaisalabadFaisalabad
36The Women University MultanMultan
37The University of FaisalabadFaisalabad
38Lahore Garrison UniversityLahore
39Beaconhouse National UniversityLahore
40The Government Sadiq College Women UniversityBahawalpur
41Rawalpindi Medical UniversityRawalpindi
42Kinnaird College for WomenLahore
43National College of Business Administration and EconomicsLahore ...
44HITEC UniversityTaxila
45Imperial College of Business StudiesLahore
46University of WahWah Cantt
47Lahore Leads UniversityLahore
48The Institute of Management SciencesLahore
49Pakistan Institute of Fashion and DesignLahore
50Ghazi UniversityDera Ghazi Khan
51Muhammad Nawaz Shareef University of Agriculture, MultanMultan
52Government College for Women University, SialkotSialkot
53Qarshi UniversityLahore
54NFC Institute of Engineering and TechnologyMultan
55Nur International UniversityLahore
56Ali Institute of EducationLahore
57Muhammad Nawaz Sharif University of Engineering and TechnologyMultan
58Fatima Jinnah Medical UniversityLahore

Higher Education Snapshot of Punjab

  • University Overview of Punjab

    At present, there are 58 officially represented higher education institution in the Punjab, which may be offering any one or all degrees such as PreBachelor, Bachelor, Master or Doctoral degree
  • Private Vs Public University in Punjab

    Out of 58 officially recognized institution there are 34 (public + public state) Public university, 24 Private university and 0 as public private partnership. Rest institution of Punjab has not been reported yet

    collegeWikipedia states that public institutions in Punjab are at majority which holds upto 58% of total university

  • Profitable Vs Non-Profit University in Punjab

    Out of 58 officially recognized institution there are 45 non profitable in nature, whereas 1 are profit making universities. Rest institution of Punjab has not been reported yet

    collegeWikipedia states that non-profitable institutions in Punjab are at majority which holds upto 77% of total university

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