Universities In Almaty

There are total 38(approx) officially recognized/accredited universities or other higher educational institutions in Almaty
Below is the count of universities offering a different course in Almaty

Area Of StudyUniversity Count
Total Universities In Almaty38
Arts & Humanities13
Business & Social Sciences17
Language & Cultural5
Medicine & Health4
Universities Offering All Courses0
1Al-Farabi Kazakh National UniversityAlmaty
2Kazakh National Medical UniversityAlmaty
3Satbayev UniversityAlmaty
4Kazakh National Pedagogical UniversityAlmaty
5KIMEP UniversityAlmaty
6Kazakh Ablai Khan University of International Relations and World LanguagesAlmaty
7Kazakh National Agricultural UniversityAlmaty
8Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil EngineeringAlmaty
9Almaty Technological UniversityAlmaty
10Kazakh-British Technical UniversityAlmaty
11Almaty Management UniversityAlmaty
12Kazakh National Women's Teacher Training UniversityAlmaty
13Narxoz UniversityAlmaty
14Almaty University of Power Engineering and TelecommunicationsAlmaty
15University of International BusinessAlmaty
16International IT UniversityAlmaty
17Suleyman Demirel UniversityKaskelen ...
18Kazakh National Academy of ArtsAlmaty
19Turan UniversityAlmaty
20Caspian UniversityAlmaty
21Kazakh Academy of Sport and TourismAlmaty
22Kazakhstan-Russian Medical UniversityAlmaty
23Kazakh National ConservatoryAlmaty
24Deutsch-Kasachische Universit├ĄtAlmaty
25Kazakh Academy of Transport and CommunicationAlmaty
26University of Foreign Languages and Business CareerAlmaty
27Kazakh-American UniversityAlmaty
28Kazak Academy of Labour and Social RelationsAlmaty
29Kazakh Medical University of Continuing EducationAlmaty
30Kazakhstan Engineering-Technological UniversityAlmaty
31L.B. Goncharov Kazakh Road AcademyAlmaty
32Kazakhstan School of Public HealthAlmaty
33Almaty Academy of Economics and StatisticsAlmaty
34Kainar UniversityAlmaty
35Eurasian Academy of Law after D.A. KunaevAlmaty
36Eurasian Technological UniversityAlmaty
37Kazakh University of Railway TransportAlmaty
38Almaty UniversityAlmaty