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Universities In Tokyo

There are total 126(approx) officially recognized/accredited universities or other higher educational institutions in Tokyo
Below is the count of universities offering a different course in Tokyo

Area Of StudyUniversity Count
Total Universities In Tokyo126
Arts & Humanities65
Business & Social Sciences69
Language & Cultural12
Medicine & Health33
Universities Offering All Courses2
1The University of TokyoTokyo ...
2Keio UniversityTokyo ...
3Waseda UniversityTokyo
4Tokyo Institute of TechnologyTokyo
5Nihon UniversityTokyo
6Meiji UniversityTokyo ...
7Aoyama Gakuin UniversityTokyo
8Tokyo University of ScienceTokyo ...
9The University of Electro-CommunicationsChofu
10Chuo UniversityHachioji ...
11Tokai UniversityTokyo
12Rikkyo UniversityTokyo
13Hosei UniversityTokyo
14Tokyo University of Foreign StudiesFuchu
15Sophia UniversityTokyo
16Tokyo Keizai UniversityTokyo ...
17Hitotsubashi UniversityKunitachi
18Tokyo University of the ArtsTokyo ...
19Tokyo Medical and Dental UniversityTokyo ...
20Tokyo City UniversityTokyo
21Tokyo University of Agriculture and TechnologyFuchu ...
22Toyo UniversityTokyo ...
23Ochanomizu UniversityTokyo
24Tokyo Denki UniversityTokyo
25International Christian UniversityMitaka
26Tama Art UniversityTokyo
27Juntendo UniversityTokyo
28Gakushuin UniversityTokyo
29Toho UniversityTokyo
30Tokyo Metropolitan UniversityHachioji
31Kitasato UniversityTokyo
32Musashino Art UniversityKodaira-shi
33Kokugakuin UniversityTokyo
34Meiji Gakuin UniversityTokyo ...
35Tokyo Gakugei UniversityKoganei
36Graduate School of Management, Globis UniversityTokyo ...
37Soka UniversityHachioji
38Tokyo Women's Medical UniversityTokyo
39Teikyo UniversityTokyo
40National Graduate Institute for Policy StudiesTokyo
41Tokyo University of AgricultureTokyo ...
42Kogakuin UniversityTokyo
43Showa UniversityTokyo
44Tokyo Medical UniversityTokyo
45Shibaura Institute of TechnologyTokyo ...
46Nippon Medical SchoolTokyo
47Daito Bunka UniversityTokyo ...
48Senshu UniversityTokyo
49Seijo UniversityTokyo
50Seikei UniversityMusashino
51Musashino UniversityNishitokyo
52Tamagawa UniversityMachida
53Komazawa UniversityTokyo
54Japan Women's UniversityTokyo ...
55Kyorin UniversityMitaka
56Kyoritsu Women's UniversityTokyo
57Jikei University School of MedicineTokyo
58Tokyo Polytechnic UniversityTokyo
59Obirin DaigakuMachida
60Tokyo University of Marine Science and TechnologyTokyo
61Showa Women's UniversityTokyo ...
62Meisei UniversityHino ...
63Tokyo University of TechnologyHachioji
64Rissho UniversityTokyo
65Digital Hollywood UniversityTokyo
66Takushoku UniversityTokyo ...
67St. Luke's International UniversityTokyo
68Asia UniversityMusashino
69Kokushikan UniversityTokyo
70Tokyo Woman's Christian UniversityTokyo
71Nippon Sport Science UniversityTokyo
72Tsuda UniversityKodaira
73The Nippon Dental UniversityTokyo ...
74Taisho UniversityTokyo
75Musashi UniversityTokyo
76Jissen Women's UniversityHino
77Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life ScienceHachioji
78University of the Sacred HeartTokyo
79Tama UniversityTama-shi ...
80Mejiro UniversityTokyo
81Bunkyo Gakuin UniversityTokyo
82Tokyo Kasei UniversityTokyo
83Otsuma Women's UniversityTokyo
84Tokyo Zokei UniversityHachioji
85Wako UniversityMachida
86Bunka Gakuen UniversityTokyo
87Kunitachi College of MusicTachikawa
88Seisen UniversityTokyo
89Keisen UniversityTama
90Meiji Pharmaceutical UniversityKiyose
91Nishogakusha UniversityTokyo
92Toyo Gakuen UniversityTokyo ...
93Nippon Veterinary and Life Science UniversityMusashino
94Tokyo College of MusicTokyo
95Hoshi UniversityTokyo
96Kaetsu UniversityTokyo
97Musashino Academia MusicaeTokyo
98The Japanese Red Cross College of NursingTokyo
99Japan Women's College of Physical EducationTokyo
100Tokyo Kasei-Gakuin UniversityTokyo
101Advanced Institute of Industrial TechnologyTokyo
102Ueno Gakuen UniversityTokyo
103Showa Pharmaceutical UniversityMachida
104Tokyo University of Social WelfareTokyo
105Toho Gakuen School of MusicChofu
106Shiraume Gakuen UniversityKodaira
107Tokyo Women's College of Physical EducationKunitachi
108Japan Lutheran CollegeMitaka
109Shirayuri CollegeChofu
110Tokyo Fuji UniversityTokyo
111Takachiho UniversityTokyo
112Komazawa Women's UniversityInagi
113Tokyo Health Care UniversityTokyo
114Japan College of Social WorkKiyose
115Sugino Fashion CollegeTokyo
116Tokyo Future UniversityTokyo
117Tokyo Jogakkan CollegeMachida
118Gakushuin Women's CollegeTokyo
119Nihon Bunka UniversityHachioji
120International College for Postgraduate Buddhist StudiesTokyo
121Tokyo Seiei CollegeTokyo
122Tokyo Union Theological SeminaryMitaka
123Bunka Fashion Graduate UniversityTokyo
124LEC Tokyo Legal Mind UniversityTokyo
125Korea University, JapanKodaira
UnTokyo Junshin UniversityHachioji

Higher Education Snapshot of Tokyo

  • University Overview of Tokyo

    At present, there are 126 officially represented higher education institution in the Tokyo, which may be offering any one or all degrees such as PreBachelor, Bachelor, Master or Doctoral degree
  • Private Vs Public University in Tokyo

    Out of 126 officially recognized institution there are 14 (public + public state) Public university, 112 Private university and 0 as public private partnership. Rest institution of Tokyo has not been reported yet

    collegeWikipedia states that private institutions in Tokyo are at majority which holds upto 89% of total university

  • Profitable Vs Non-Profit University in Tokyo

    Out of 126 officially recognized institution there are 27 non profitable in nature, whereas 5 are profit making universities. Rest institution of Tokyo has not been reported yet

    collegeWikipedia states that non-profitable institutions in Tokyo are at majority which holds upto 21% of total university

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