Universities In Osaka

There are total 50(approx) officially recognized/accredited universities or other higher educational institutions in Osaka
Below is the count of universities offering a different course in Osaka

Area Of StudyUniversity Count
Total Universities In Osaka50
Arts & Humanities22
Business & Social Sciences26
Language & Cultural1
Medicine & Health14
Universities Offering All Courses0
1Osaka UniversitySuita
2Kindai UniversityHigashiosaka ...
3Osaka Prefecture UniversitySakai
4Osaka City UniversityOsaka
5Kansai UniversitySuita
6Osaka Kyoiku UniversityKashiwara
7Osaka Medical CollegeTakatsuki
8Osaka Institute of TechnologyOsaka
9Osaka Sangyo UniversityDaito
10Kansai Medical UniversityMoriguchi
11Osaka University of ArtsKanan
12Osaka Electro-Communication UniversityNeyagawa
13Osaka University of EconomicsOsaka
14Kansai Gaidai UniversityHirakata
15Osaka Gakuin UniversitySuita City
16Momoyama Gakuin UniversityIzumi
17Setsunan UniversityNeyagawa
18Otemon Gakuin UniversityIbaraki
19Osaka International UniversityMoriguchi
20Osaka University of CommerceHigashiosaka
21Baika Women's UniversityIbaraki
22Osaka Shoin Women's UniversityHigashiosaka
23Hannan UniversityMatsubara
24Osaka Dental UniversityHirakata
25Osaka University of Economics and LawYao
26Soai UniversityOsaka
27Osaka University of Pharmaceutical SciencesTakatsuki
28Osaka Ohtani UniversityTondabayashi
29Osaka College of MusicToyonaka
30Kansai University of Welfare SciencesKashiwara
31Tezukayama Gakuin UniversityOsakasayama
32Heian Jogakuin UniversityOsaka
33Osaka Seikei UniversityOsaka
34Poole Gakuin UniversitySakai
35Shijonawate Gakuen UniversityDaito
36Osaka Jogakuin CollegeOsaka
37Hagoromo University of International StudiesSakai
38Higashiosaka CollegeHigashiosaka
39Osaka University of Health and Sport SciencesKumatori
40Osaka University of Human SciencesOsaka
41Taisei Gakuin UniversitySakai
42Kansai University of Health SciencesKumatori
43Senri Kinran UniversitySuita
44Morinomiya University of Medical SciencesOsaka
45Aino UniversityTakatsuki
46Tokiwakai Gakuen UniversityOsaka
47Osaka University of TourismKumatori
48Osaka Aoyama UniversityMinoh
49Osaka Kawasaki Rehabilitation UniversityKaizuka
UnShitennoji UniversityHabikino