Universities In Aichi

There are total 47(approx) officially recognized/accredited universities or other higher educational institutions in Aichi
Below is the count of universities offering a different course in Aichi

Area Of StudyUniversity Count
Total Universities In Aichi47
Arts & Humanities28
Business & Social Sciences28
Language & Cultural6
Medicine & Health12
Universities Offering All Courses2
1Nagoya UniversityNagoya
2Nagoya Institute of TechnologyNagoya ...
3Nanzan UniversityNagoya ...
4Toyohashi University of TechnologyToyohashi
5Chukyo UniversityNagoya ...
6Nagoya City UniversityNagoya
7Fujita Health UniversityToyoake
8Chubu UniversityKasugai
9Nihon Fukushi UniversityChita ...
10Aichi UniversityNagoya ...
11Nagoya University of Commerce and Business AdministrationNisshin
12Aichi University of EducationKariya
13Aichi Medical UniversityNagakute
14Sugiyama Jogakuen UniversityNagoya
15Aichi Gakuin UniversityNisshin
16Aichi Prefectural UniversityNagakute
17Kinjo Gakuin UniversityNagoya
18Aichi Shukutoku UniversityNagoya
19Aichi Institute of TechnologyToyota
20Daido UniversityNagoya
21Nagoya Gakuin UniversityNagoya
22Toyota Technological InstituteNagoya
23Nagoya University of Foreign StudiesNagoya
24Doho UniversityNagoya
25Aichi University of TechnologyGamagori
26Nagoya University of ArtsKitanagoya
27Nagoya Bunri UniversityInazawa
28Tokai Gakuen UniversityMiyoshi
29Meijo UniversityNagoya
30Nagoya Women's UniversityNagoya
31Toyohashi Sozo UniversityToyohashi
32Nagoya University of Arts and SciencesNisshin
33Nagoya Zokei University of Art and DesignKomaki
34Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and MusicNagakute
35Aichi Toho UniversityNagoya
36Shigakkan UniversityObu
37Nagoya Sangyo UniversityOwariasahi
38Seijoh UniversityTokai
39Nagoya College of MusicNagoya
40University of Human EnvironmentsOkazaki
41Aichi Bunkyo UniversityKomaki
42Ohkagakuen UniversityToyota
43Aichi Sangyo UniversityOkazaki
44Japanese Red Cross Toyota College of NursingToyota
45Nagoya Keizai UniversityNagoya
46Aichi Mizuho CollegeNagoya ...
UnAichi Gakusen UniversityToyota