Universities In Sichuan

There are total 40(approx) officially recognized/accredited universities or other higher educational institutions in Sichuan
Below is the count of universities offering a different course in Sichuan

Area Of StudyUniversity Count
Total Universities In Sichuan40
Arts & Humanities17
Business & Social Sciences14
Language & Cultural2
Medicine & Health5
Universities Offering All Courses0
1Southwest Jiaotong UniversityChengdu
2Sichuan UniversityChengdu
3Chengdu UniversityChengdu
4Southwestern University of Finance and EconomicsChengdu
5Sichuan Agricultural UniversityYa'an
6Chengdu University of TechnologyChengdu
7Sichuan Normal UniversityChengdu
8University of Electronic Science and Technology of ChinaChengdu
9Sichuan University of Science and EngineeringZigong
10Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese MedicineChengdu
11Sichuan Conservatory of MusicChengdu
12Southwest University of Science and TechnologyMianyang
13Southwest Petroleum UniversityNanchong
14North Sichuan Medical CollegeNanchong
15Southwest University for NationalitiesChengdu
16Neijiang Normal UniversityNeijiang
17Chengdu University of Information TechnologyChengdu
18Sichuan University of Media and CommunicationsChengdu
19Mianyang Normal UniversityMianyang
20Xihua UniversityChengdu
21Chengdu Medical CollegeChengdu
22Civil Aviation Flight University of ChinaGuanghan
23China West Normal UniversityNanchong
24Chengdu Sport UniversityChengdu
25Leshan Normal UniversityLeshan
26Panzhihua UniversityPanzhihua
27Chengdu Technological UniversityChengdu
28Chengdu College of Arts and SciencesChengdu
29Southwest Medical UniversityLuzhou
30Sichuan University of Arts and ScienceTongchuan
31Sichuan University for NationalitiesKangding
32Sichuan University of Culture and ArtsMianyang
33Chengdu Normal UniversityChengdu
34Aba Teachers UniversityAba
35Sichuan Tourism UniversityChengdu
36Sichuan Institute of Industrial TechnologyDeyang
37Chengdu Neusoft UniversityChengdu
38Sichuan Film and Television UniversityChengdu
39Xichang CollegeXichang
UnYibin UniversityYibin