Universities In Shaanxi

There are total 43(approx) officially recognized/accredited universities or other higher educational institutions in Shaanxi
Below is the count of universities offering a different course in Shaanxi

Area Of StudyUniversity Count
Total Universities In Shaanxi43
Arts & Humanities17
Business & Social Sciences15
Language & Cultural7
Medicine & Health4
Universities Offering All Courses3
1Xi'an Jiaotong UniversityXi'an
2Northwestern Polytechnical UniversityXi'an
3Northwest A&F UniversityYangling
4Chang'an UniversityXi'an
5Xidian UniversityXi'an
6Shaanxi Normal UniversityXi'an ...
7Northwest University, ChinaXi'an
8Xi'an University of Architecture and TechnologyXi'an
9Xi'an University of TechnologyXi'an
10Xi'an International Studies UniversityXi'an
11Xi'an Academy of Fine ArtsXi'an
12Xi'an University of Science and TechnologyXi'an
13Shaanxi University of Science and TechnologyXianyang
14Xi'an University of Posts and TelecommunicationsXi'an
15Shaanxi University of TechnologyHanzhong
16Xi'an Polytechnic UniversityXi'an
17Xi'an UniversityXi'an
18Yan'an UniversityYanan
19Xi'an Physical Education UniversityXi'an
20Northwest University of Politics and LawXi'an
21Xi'an Eurasia UniversityXi'an
22Xi'an International UniversityXi'an
23Xijing UniversityXi'an
24Xi'an Peihua UniversityXi'an
25Weinan Normal UniversityWeinan
26Xi'an Shiyou UniversityXi'an
27Xi'an Siyuan UniversityXi'an
28Shaanxi Institute of International Trade and CommerceXi'an
29Ankang UniversityAnkang
30Xi'an University of Finance and EconomicsXi'an
31Shaanxi University of Chinese MedicineXianyang
32Baoji University of Arts and SciencesBaoji
33Xi'an Fanyi UniversityXi'an
34Xi'an Conservatory of MusicXi'an
35Xi'an Aeronautical UniversityXi'an
36Xianyang Normal UniversityXianyang
37Shaanxi Fashion Engineering UniversityXianyang
38Xi'an Medical UniversityXi'an
39Yulin UniversityYulin
40Shaanxi Xueqian Normal UniversityXi'an
41Shangluo UniversityShangluo
42Xi'an Technological UniversityXi'an
43Xi'an Traffic Engineering InstituteXi'an