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  • Gretsa University Ranking & Review 2018
    Gichuki Mwangi (student)
    Review : The good is definitely the humongous aspect of the University. From quality teaching material to superb lecturers and great recreational facilities. I can go on and on, however I will stop right there, for now.
  • Sirte University Ranking & Review 2018
    ragwan mohamed ragwan (student)
    Review : the university has many overseas branches contributing to the development of the rural community within the scope of the university>
  • Islamic Azad University, South Tehran Ranking & Review 2018
    Morteza mohammadi (student)
    Review : No Review Given
  •  Madurai Kamaraj University Ranking & Review 2018
    Srineyvas (teacher)
    Review : Vast area. Not fully utlished the wealth
  • Stanford University Ranking & Review 2018
    Girmaw Andualem (guest)
    Review : Assosa University in Ethiopia
  • Accra Institute of Technology Ranking & Review 2018
    Kenny (other official membe)
    Review : AIT won the best private university in Ghana 2018.
  • University of Sierra Leone Ranking & Review 2018
    Jacob Farma (student)
    Review : Student-Lecturer relationship is cordial...
  • Nkhoma University Ranking & Review 2018
    Emmanuel Fulani (student)
    Review : No Review Given

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